Programmable Microwave Detectors

Microwave sensors are widely used to provide automatic control for lighting, heating and ventilation loads. Like all presence detectors they can help reduce energy consumption by automatically turning off lighting, heating and ventilation that is needlessly left on. Additionally they can also contribute to public and workforce safety by automatically illuminating places such as dark corridors and stairwells.

Microwave sensors are sensitive to movement and are ideal for large spaces and areas that have an awkward shape or where fine motion detection is required. Microwave detectors have a much greater coverage and higher sensitivity and can detect movement through glass. Careful consideration needs to be given to the location of microwave sensors.

mySmart Sensors are available in a wide range of switching and dimming options including DALI, DSI, KNX, VFC (Voltage Free Contacts), Direct Dim, Low Voltage 12 – 24V and 0-10V. These Microwave detectors suit a wide range of applications and projects and easily programmable using either the UHS5 or UNLCDHS Professional Commisioning Handsets.

The mySmart MY-HF114-RR Presence Detector utilises microwave technology to detect presence with a range of up to 14 metres in diameter.

This discrete series of wall or ceiling mounted microwave presence detectors are designed to fit onto any single gang switch box.

This detector offers a unique presence/absence detection capability by using an adjustable head.

This is a range of miniature microwave presence/absence detectors.

 A low profile microwave presence/absence detector.

Surface mounted mid-range microwave presence/absence detector for the automatic control of lighting, heating and ventilation.

MY-HF114-RR Microwave Sensor

MY-HF114-RR Microwave Sensor


MWS3A-KNX Long Range Microwave

MWS3A-KNX Long Range Microwave