EBDHS-MB High Sensitivty Batten Mount

The EBDHS-MB range of Passive Infra-Red motion sensors automatically control lighting, heating and ventilation reducing energy costs in factories and warehouses. Designed for mounting at heights of up to 20 metres these presence detectors mount directly to the luminaire and come pre-wired for quick and simple installation. mySmart Sensors by CP Electronics are available in a wide range of switching and dimming options including DALI, DSI, KNX, VFC (Voltage Free Contacts), Direct Dim, Low Voltage 12 – 24V and 0-10V.

The EBDHS-MB detectors are easily programmable using either the UHS5 or UNLCDHS Professional Commissioning Handsets.

With settings programmable Presence or Absence Detection, Manual and Remote Control, Adjustable Time, Ambient Light Level and Lux Lighting Levels are all achievable with the right mySmart motion sensor.

The EBDHS-MB detectors made by CP Electronics are one of our most innovative sensors designed specifically to help factories and warehouses save energy with their proven technology and demonstrated reliability.