Energy Efficient Lighting Sensors

Our wide range of sensors are designed to automatically and continually reduce the amount of time that lighting is left on unnecessarily wasting energy and money. These sensors automatically detect if an area is unoccupied or if there is sufficient natural light. mySmart Sensors offer a cost effective alternative to a networked lighting control solution, one that offers significant reductions in energy used for lighting.

Depending on occupancy behaviour and the amount of natural light available, mySmart Sensors can save up to 60% of the costs associated with lighting the building. mySmart Sensors may also be used for controlling HVAC applications.

mySmart Sensors utilise Microwave or PIR technologies are available in a wide range of switching and dimming options including DALI, DSI, KNX, VFC (Voltage Free Contacts), Direct Dim, Low Voltage 12 – 24V and 0-10V.