An-10 - Scene Selection Functionality

The Perfect Lighting Level at the Flick of a Switch.

Scene selection allows the recall of pre-programmed lighting levels to create different moods or to suit different uses within an environment.

A scene is a selection of circuits that are set to individual lighting levels and stored. They can then be invoked by a switch connected to the An-10 input unit or the presence detector detecting a person.

For example, in a meeting room you may want one scene that sets all lights at maximum level for meetings, but another scene that sets the individual circuits to different levels for presentations.

An-10 allows up to 20 local scenes and up to 120 area scenes that can be easily programmed via infrared handsets.


Scene 1

  Scene 1: All modular luminaires on and left and right downlights dimmed for hot desk working.


Scene 2

  Scene 2: Modular luminaires dimmed and downlights on for meeting.


Scene 3

  Scene 3: Modular luminaires off and downlights dimmed for presentation. One by screen is off.


Scene 4

   Scene 4: Downlights on for informal gathering.