Commercial Offices

commercial offices

mySmart Sensors are easy to install and program in both modern and retro fit commercial environments. Able to control the automatic swiching of lighting, heating and cooling their presence detection based approach results in significant energy saving. 

  • Executive Office: MWS5

This miniature microwave motion sensor features digital DSI or DALI dimming and its small size makes it disappear into the ceiling.

The unique pivoting head means the detection pattern can be optimised for long corridors and control up to 20 DSI or DALI ballasts.

 A microwave motion sensor that responds to the smallest movement with scene recall and digital dimming.

Flush or surface mounting with programmable switching functionality for emergency fire stairs.

A cost effective PIR sensor for digital fittings.

MWS6 provides control for lighting, heating and ventilation loads and can be mounted either flush into a ceiling tile or using a surface mounting box.

EBDSPIR is a compact ceiling mounted PIR presence detector that provides automatic control lighting, heating and ventilation loads.