Schools & Universities

School & Universities

mySmart Sensors are ideally suited to help save energy in schools and universities by automatically switching off lights, heating and air conditioning when they aren't required.


  • MY-HF114: a sensor that utilises microwave technology to detect presence with a range of up to 14 metres in diameter.
  • MWS6: a miniature microwave motion sensor features digital DSI or DALI dimming and its small size makes it disappear into the ceiling. 
  • ALCthese sensors provide a cost-effective and simple solution to energy saving. Their accurate and reliable photocells allow switching and maintained illuminance (daylight harvesting).


  • MY-P109-RR & S: this presence detector sensor utilises Passive Infrared technology to accurately detect presence with a range of up to 9 metres in diameter.

Store Rooms

  • EBDSPIR: flush or surface mounting with programmable switching functionality for emergency fire stairs.

Sports Hall

  • MY-P120-R: with its two relay channels and switch input, the MY-P120-RR is the best option for long range motion detection. With its superior PIR sensitivity it will not false trigger due to insects or other small animals.