KNX Explained

KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control with over 360 partners offering physical products, software and engineering solutions for KNX.

KNX is not manufacturer specific. It is an open protocol and all aspects of KNX are managed by the KNX Association in Brussels. Based on the strict testing standards and protocols established by the KNX Association, all KNX products are guaranteed to be interoperable, irrespective of manufacturer and product type.

KNX can be used to control virtually every facet of automation in a modern building including lighting, blinds, façade, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, metering, security, audio visual and more.

Want to know more? then download KNX The Smart Guide which contains all the information you will need on KNX.

mySmart KNX Sensors are now available in a range of energy saving Passive Infra-Red and Microwave presence detectors. KNX sensors offer presence or absence detection and light level harvesting with programming by KNX ETS software. Local commands and scene setting are possible using the UHS7 infra-red handset.


KNX PIR Sensors (Presence/Absence Detection with Passive Infra-Red)

  • EBDSPIR-KNX – PIR Flush Ceiling Mount Sensor
  • EBDHS-KNX – Increased Performance High Sensitivity PIR Sensor


KNX Microwave Sensors (Presence/Absence Detection with Microwave)

  • MWS6-KNX – Low Profile Mid-Range Microwave Sensor
  • MWS3A-KNX – Long Range Adjustable Detection Pattern Microwave Sensor