DALI Explained

DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) since it's development in the 1990's has become one of the dominant standards for control of light fittings. It allows each lights ballast or controller to be individually addressed, controlled and queried over a 2-core lighting control circuit.

DALI is a two-way communication system that is widely acknowledged as being an open protocol under the european Standard IeC 929 / en60629 Annexe (Control Interface for Controllable Ballasts). DALI as an open protocol has been developed specifically for lighting device control at a room level, floor level and at a whole building level when interfacing to a Lighting Control System.

 Want to know more? then download DALI The Smart Guide which is packed full of further information.

The mySmart Sensor range of DD detectors with lux level sensing are all able to control DALI light fittings easily and quickly for absence/presence detection as well as ambient light level harvesting. mySmart Sensors by CP Electronics are available in a wide range of detectors to control DALI lighting. The DD range of DALI Sensors suit a wide range of applications and projects and are easily programmable using either the UHS5 or UNLCDHS Professional Commisioning Handsets.


DALI - Microwave Sensors (Absence/Presence Detection with Microwave)

  • MWS3A-DD -  Long Range Adjustable Detection Pattern Microwave Sensors with DALI support
  • MWS5-DD - Miniature Ceiling Flush Mount Microwave Sensors with DALI support
  • MWS6-DD - Low Profile Mid Range Flush Mount Microwave Sensors with DALI support


DALI - PIR Sensors (Absence/Presence Detection with Passive Infra Red)

  • EBDHS-DD - Increased performance high sensitivity PIR Sensor with DALI support.
  • EBDSPIR-DD - Low profile flush ceiling mount PIR Sensor with DALI support
  • EBDSPIR-HB-DD - Focussed detection perfect for highbays PIR Sensor with DALI support
  • EBMHS-DD - Low profile miniature flush mount ceiling PIR Sensor with DALI support
  • EBMPIR-MB-DD - Miniature Battem Mount (IP65) PIR Sensor with DALI support


DALI - Light Level Sensors (Ambient Light Level Control / Daylight Harvesting)

  • ALC-DD - Photocell automatically adjusts the light output of DALI luminaires