MY-P120-RR Presence Detector

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With two relay channels and switch input, the MY-P120-RR is the best option for long range motion detection. Superior PIR sensitivity means no false triggers due to insects or other small animals.


Load I (CH1) for Lighting
Incandescent Lamp:

Max. 2300W

AC Halogen Lamp:
Max. 1200W

LV Halogen Lamp:
Max. 1100VA / 600W

Fluorescent Lamp:
Max. 900VA / 100μF
25 x (1 x 18W); 12 x (2 x 18W)
15 x (1 x 36W; 7 x (2 x 36W)
10 x (1 x 58W); 5 x (2 x 58W)
Max. 1100VA / 600W

LED Lamp:
Max. 600W

Energy Saving Lamp:
Max. 600VA / 400W (include CFL and PL lamp)

Load Π (CH2) for HVAC (voltage free contact, Lux is invalid)
Max. 5A (cosφ =1) for ≤ 250VAC
Max. 5A for ≤ 30VDC
Max. 1A (cos φ = 0.4) for ≤ 250VAC

Detection Range:
360°, Φ20m at height of 2.5m

Brand mySmart Sensor

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