Factories and Warehouses

Saving energy in factories and warehouses presents a unique set of circumstances as sensors are required to work at much greater heights and in harsher conditions. mySmart Sensors has a range of dedicated motion sensors developed specifically for these applications that work at heights of up to 15 metres.

These sensors also feature lux level settings to enable daylight harvesting for further energy and cost savings.

  • MY-P120-RR
    With its two relay channels and switch input, the MY-P120-RR is the best option for long range motion detection. With its superior PIR sensitivity it will not false trigger due to insects or other small animals.
  • MY-P116-R
    The MY-P116-R is ideal for retrofitting to existing light fittings in carparks. It’s equally suited to new builds where the sensor can be fitted before being delivered to site.
    High sensitivity PIR detector suitable for lighting, heating or ventilation. Features adjustable masking shields to tailor detection zones and has a range of up to 40m at a height of 15m.