EBMPIR-MB-AD 360¬? Miniature PIR - 1-10v Dim - Luminaire Mounted


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These miniature PIR detectors provide automatic control for lighting loads. They have been specifically designed for mounting onto a batten style luminaire. The units are IP65 rated and are therefore suitable for outdoor use as well as wet and damp environment. Direct Dimming AD variants can be used to control the light output of luminaires that are fitted with analogue 1-10V ballasts.

The detector measures the overall light level in the detection area and regulates the output of the luminaires. This ensures the correct lux level (maintained illuminance) for the area and saving energy when the natural daylight can be used to replace/supplement luminaires (daylight harvesting).

The unique design of the EBMPIR-MB features an integrated power supply and is suitable for a wide range of luminaires. Ideal for retrofitting the sensor is supplied with a comprehensive fitting kit.

The AD version is fully programmable using either the UHS5 or UNLCDHS handsets.


  • IP65 rating for damp environments
  • Switching with lux level sensing (IR handset adjustment)
  • Active photocell
  • Dimming functionality for up to 4 analogue ballasts
  • Maintained illuminance (daylight harvesting)
  • Step down illuminance
  • Time delay function: 10s ‚Äì 99m
  • Presence detector switching
  • Programmable via IR handset
  • Scene setting and recall
  • Burn in feature for fluorescent tubes
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Manual dimming with IR
  • On/off override via optional IR handset


Download Technical Data Sheet for more information

Load rating at 230VAC

  • Resistive 2Amps
  • Incandescent 2Amps
  • Fluorescent 2Amps
  • Compact Fluorescent 2Amps
  • LED 2Amps


Brand mySmart Sensor

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