EBMHS-AD 360¬? Miniature PIR - 1-10v Dim


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The EBMHS detector is part of our miniature PIR range. It's highly capable and offers automatic control for lighting, heating and ventilation loads.

It's supplied pre-wired, and with a connector that snap-fits into the power supply unit (PSU) for ease of installation. Available with either a standard PSU, or for luminaire mounting a slim-line PSU, you can select the option which best suits your needs.

The analogue dim (AD) version is fully programmable using either the UHS5 or UNLCDHS handsets.


  • Small and unobtrusive design
  • High sensitivity head for increased detection range
  • For mounting at heights up to 7m
  • Supplied pre-wired with an RJ11 plug for connection into the power supply
  • Supplied with a flush mounting ring for easy fitting into the ceiling.
  • Available with standard or slim line PSU
  • Infrared programmable
  • Three models are available: premium (PRM), direct dim (DD), and analogue dim (AD) all of which will switch a wide range of luminaires. 



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Load rating at 230VAC

  • Resistive 6Amps
  • Incandescent 6Amps
  • Fluorescent 6Amps
  • Compact Fluorescent 3Amps
  • LED 3Amps

EBMHS Detection patternEBMHS Dimensions

Model # EBMHS-AD
Brand mySmart Sensor

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