Underground carparks

Underground carparks require a robust design which includes IP rated, high sensitivity sensors for large areas and narrow spaces.

  • MY-P120-RR
    With its two relay channels and switch input, the MY-P120-RR is the best option for long range motion detection. With its superior PIR sensitivity it will not false trigger due to insects or other small animals.
  • MY-P116-R
    The MY-P116-R is ideal for retrofitting to existing light fittings in carparks. It’s equally suited to new builds where the sensor can be fitted before being delivered to site.
  • MWS3A
    This detector offers a unique presence/absence detection capability by using an adjustable head
    PRM – Switching detectors with Lux Level Sensing.
  • MWS1A
    This discrete series of wall or ceiling mounted microwave presence detectors are designed to fit onto any single gang switch box.