KNX/DALI Dimming Actuator, Group Control


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The KNX/DALI gateway is designed for an intelligent building control system, which is used to connect KNX bus with DALI bus. As an interface device, it can convert the telegrams from KNX bus into the information that DALI devices can recognize, which includes DALI device address and control command, and send the information to DALI network and control DALI devices, e.g. switching, dimming , scene etc. And the gateway can also detect fault of DALI device, and feed back the fault information to KNX bus.

Key Features

  • Switching, dimming and set brightness value for the top of 32 DALI device
  • Scene control: up to 16 different scenes for each DALI device. And two data types to recall and store the scenes of the DALI device: 1 bit and 1 byte
  • Group control: Every DALI devices can be belonged to 16 different groups at the same time. And switching, dimming and set brightness value for each group
  • To configure the min. and the max. brightness value for each DALI device
  • Send or response various status, e.g. switch, brightness, auxiliary supply etc.
  • Fault detection of lamps and ballasts for DALI devices
  • LED display, e.g. error, run, init
  • Broadcast control: switching, dimming and set brightness value for all DALI devices
  • Staircase lighting.


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