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The coupler provides a data connection between two separate EIB bus lines and also isolates the bus lines from each other in order to enable the independent local operation of a bus line. 

The coupler can be used as line coupler, backbone coupler or repeater as well in existing EIB networks as in new KNX EIB networks. It has a filter table with the help of which bus telegrams are either blocked off from one of the two lines or are passed on to another line thus reducing the bus load. The filter table is created by the ETS (EIB Tool Software) automatically on commissioning the system.

Used as a line coupler, it joins up the lines with the main line to create a function zone; as a backbone coupler, it joins up the function zones with the overriding backbone line; as a repeater the coupler enables the connection of more than 64 bus devices to one bus line. Up to three repeaters can be connected to one bus line thus enabling the connection of a total of 252 bus devices (additionally to the three repeaters) to one bus line.


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